Revolutionising the measurement and analysis of microbial culturing

Offering an affordable route to automating routine microbial culturing with a unique, modular, retrofittable device

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Discover how OGI Bio can help

Remove repetitive tasks

Give yourself more time to focus on the interesting innovation questions by removing the time-intensive repetitive tasks from microbial culturing

Microbial Automation

Accelerate your development

Increase the productivity of your team and accelerate product and process development with our flexible platform

Educate the next generation

Teach the next generation of microbiology professionals the vital skills required in industrial and academic microbiology labs

Making Automation Affordable

Make your microbes work for you

At OGI Bio we want automation to work for you. We’ve developed a modular culturing system that replicates manual flask-culturing and is both affordable and flexible so you can adapt it to your culturing needs whenever you need to.

Microbial Automation

Access Relevant Analytics

Get the data you need from your cultures directly

We are creating devices that will provide the information that you want on how your cultures are performing directly and in real-time

Our Vision

Supporting Innovation


Increase in throughput


Price of other automation


Reduction in pipeline

At OGI Bio we’re committed to making automation and analytics that work for our customers and helps them to make a difference to the world.

Improving overall process yield by 1% could lead to as much as $2.8M in additional revenue per batch.

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