About Ōgi Bio

Our Mission

Affordable automation and increased analytics for the microbiology community

At OGI Bio we want to make microbial culturing easier for the user, providing simple to use tools that can be tailored for your specific needs.

We want our customers microbes to work for them, consistently and with minimal cost, freeing them to work on the new and exciting products that are needed to revolutionise the world.

Reduce errors

Caused by manual pipetting and errors


Increase in throughput*


Cost of other automation**

*Assuming use of single automation system per researcher increasing culture handling from 1 culture to 4.

**Direct comparison of price of Modular Automation system, turbidostat and temperature module with competitor devices

Why does OGI Bio exist?

We started OGI Bio to allow more people to take control of their culturing processes

Increase your throughput

Run more experiments at a time using our simple to use plug-and-play automation system

Free up time

So you can focus on the research and innovation questions that really matter to your business, not on microbe maintenance

Tailor your system for you

Select features that you need for your process and add them to our hub at any point.

Accelerate your innovation

An all-in-one platform that helps you balance everything your team need to be happy and your workflow in order.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our reusable glass reactors remove the need for single-use plastics of other competitor systems, or pipette tips needed for manual flask culturing

Remove sources of error

Remove non-systematic sources of error from manual pipetting errors with our system that measures optical density in-flask

Why We Started

We didn’t set out to revolutionise microbiology. We started developing OGI Bio’s products to meet a need that we had in our laboratories. After hours and hours wasted measuring growth by taking optical density measurements manually we thought there must be a better way that is affordable to regular laboratories.

We were simply fed up with wasting time getting our microbes ready for experiments rather than focusing on the interesting research that we wanted to do

15 days

Per Wasted annually culturing microbes manually*


Difference in lag-time for same strain of slow growing E. coli **

Replication Crissis

70% of researchers have failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments***

5.5 Mn tonnes

Plastic waste generated a year by research labs globally ****

* Assuming 1 minute per OD measurement per culture every 5 minutes with a working week of 35 hours in a calendar year
** Internal measurements of E coli grown in minimal media M63+Glycerol
*** Nature survey of 1,576 scientists and survey of Cell Biology members
**** Research by University of Exeter published in Nature


Meet the Board guiding our development

Stephen Roe


Andrew Murphy

NxD Director

Alex McVey


Michiel Smith

NxD Director

Teuta Pilizota


Dougal Adamson

Roslyn Campbell