Benefits for your Curriculum

Be the cutting edge in microbiology education

Provide the next generation of microbiologists, research scientists and biotechnologists with state of the art teaching and up-to-date techniques currently unavailable in typical teaching laboratories.

Increase learning

with more complex and relevant experiments*

Reduce prep-time

for lab technicians

Adapt at your speed

with our retrofittable modules

*Using our Liquid Control module to hold microbes ready for classes reduces the lag time during experimental classes

For your teaching

OGI Bio can help you provide world-class laboratory courses to your students at world-beating prices

More complex techniques

Use OGI Bio’s systems to have cultures ready for students to practice complex microbiology techniques otherwise not suitable for short lab classes

More relevant techniques

Give students hands-on experience with automation skills directly translatable to large-scale fermentation*

Simplify demonstration preparation

Simplify the preparation required for demonstration and class preparation with our automatic systems

Direct oversight

Remotely access and combine all students experiments with our integrated software system

Data analysis

Allow pupils the ability to access and quickly analyse data with our bespoke software packages.

Run long-term experiments

Allow students to safely conduct long-term culturing experiments without the need for out of hours access.

*Simulate batch culturing with the OGI BioReactor or use it in combination with our Liquid Control system simulate fed-batch or continuous culturing processes

OGI’s BioReactor has huge potential to teach the next generation of scientists the necessary skills for the biotechnology sector.

Marie Chilvers

CEO, Company

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