OGI BioReactor

OGI’s BioReactor is a modular microbioreactor device for automation of cell culturing. Designed specifically for microbes, our hub grows four independent cultures of bacteria, yeast, algae or mycellial fungi automatically replicating the routine methods of manually culturing in glass flasks. The hub device offers a stripped back, low-cost buy in to automation that can be added to in the future to enhance the features that you need or want for your development when you need them. Want a quote, to book a demo or trial, or just interested to find out more?  Contact us below with details of your process and we’ll be happy to help.

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Product Details

OGI's BioReactor automates routine growth curves, lag time and culture growth measurements in bacteria, yeast or algae in four independently operated and controlled flasks.
4 Individual
Culture Volume
O_2 Concentrations
Anaerobic to manual flask aeration
Dimensions (w,l,h)
180.0 x 224.5 x 169.6mm
Measurement Frequency
30s to 1hr
Continuous Operational lifetime

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Product can Operate independently

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