Benefits for your Workflow

Increase your throughput whilst removing repetitive tasks

OGI Bio’s systems give you time to focus on the interesting research and development questions that drive your innovation by removing mundane processes such as growth curve measurements from your day-to-day laboratory life.

400% increase*

In productivity per OGI BioReactor

80% reduction**

in time required for direct intervention

Reduce error

caused by manual pipetting

*Assuming use of single OGI BioReactor system per researcher increasing culture handling from 1 culture to 4.

**Saving 1 minute per OD measurement when compared to taking manual OD measurements every 5 minutes over a 35hr working week.

For your research

At OGI Bio we’re passionate about supporting our customers to develop their products more efficiently

Focus on innovation

Focus on the questions that drive your innovation by reducing the amount of time you spend getting cultures ready

Reduce random errors

Cut random errors caused by micropipetting variation by reducing the number of contact events you have with your cultures

Increase reproducibility

Perform triplicate (or more) repeat experiments concurrently, without increasing your workload

Increase throughput

Test a wide range of conditions simultaneously with independently controllable flasks on a single unit, or link multiple units together to conduct mega-experiments*

Measure more frequently

Measure more frequently and without those nasty breaks for food and sleep with an automatic system that will do the work for you

Measure more parameters

Increase the number of parameters you can measure with retrofittable, plug-and-play sensors for a range of different experimentally relevant parameters

*Control software package required to link multiple units together.

OGI Bio’s devices mean we can test all the conditions that we want to right from the start. We’re able to actually optimise our strain and culture conditions for product yield from the get go.

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