Maximise your efficiency

Increase your productivity whilst reducing your costs

OGI Bio’s devices are designed to accelerate your R&D whilst saving you money at the same time.

400% Increase

in productivity*

30x reduction

Cost of buy-in
Compared to other automation systems**

90% reduction

In costs per-experimental run***

*Assuming use of single OGI BioReactor system per researcher

**Direct comparison of price of OGI BioReactor, Liquid Control and temperature module with competitor devices

***Calculation of cost-per run based on using our re-suable culture flasks and competitor single-use flasks. Excludes culture media.

For your Business

At OGI Bio we’re passionate about supporting our customers to develop their products more effectively

Focus on innovation

Let your scientists focus on driving innovation by reducing the amount of time they spend getting their cultures ready

Improve efficiency

Dramatically reduce time to market for your products by testing multiple conditions in parallel

30x reduction in upfront cost*

30x reduction on CapEx compared to other automation solutions

90% reduction in operational costs

Our reusable culture vessels reduce the costs of single-use parts by 100% dramatically cutting your operational expenses.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Our reusable, cleanable and environmentally friendly culture vessels mean we can cut your plastic consumption significantly

24/7 operation

Removable culture vessels mean our systems need never stop. No clean-in-place processes mean you simply insert new culture vessels and they’re ready to go again

*Direct comparison of price of Modular Automation system, turbidostat and temperature module with competitor devices

OGI Bio has allowed us to transition from flask culturing earlier in the development process. We’re able to extract information on how our strains perform in bioreactors right from the start of our development process

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